Advent devotion: Reciprocating love

News | December 16, 2016

By Stella Herzig

When we think about the ‘wonders of God’s love, I know I sometimes see those wonders as all coming in one direction from Him to me or to you. I wonder if they are not also the responsive swell of love in our hearts towards Him. Yes, He loves us; we are His very own creations! Where the real awe or wonder for me comes in is that by His grace we can choose to love Him back and please Him and by doing so be empowered to spread that love to those around us! 15556600_10100110210035764_323250319_o

How can we please Him? Think of how a parent, who loves their child unconditionally, feels when that child can express love back to their parent; usually as a small gesture of service done for that parent such as carefully bringing them a glass of water without asking, purely out of love. The parent feels so satisfied by the child’s loving notice of their thirst and the child feels satisfied too! How pleased the Lord must be when we respond to His love by lovingly caring for His other children, our neighbors. God’s love is SO sweet in reciprocation, that once we can realize it, the kingdom of Heaven opens up around us, even in this suffering world.

Stella lives in Davenport with her husband Carl and their feline friends. Their three children are scattered around the United States. Stella is a voracious reader and is the reference librarian at St. Ambrose University.

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