Advent devotion: Between the steps

News | December 3, 2016

By Scott Teasdale

Walking. I see so many walking to get somewhere else. It is not for the journey, the faces are many yet indistinguishable, it is rather an act of moving to a place somewhere else. If all walking were, in fact, talking of Michelangelo, maybe each step would be more appreciated, more savored for its moment. In each step reside the kind eyes of the passerby, the voice of the child, the aroma of the roasting chestnuts.

Seeking the least common denominators of our lives, like a single step, will awaken wonder. Too often we let them pass as insignificant. A keen awareness of the moment, a recognition of simple acts, are the building blocks to deepening the extraordinary. Heightening our sense of wonder is a pathway to feeling true joy.

And joy ignites the means to sing our song anew. A song that we share through our faith and throughout our community. Within the bars and the lyrics of the season’s music, I find strength and affirmation of faith.  In concert with all in heaven and nature, a new song fortifies acceptance of grace and all wonders of His love.

Meaningful joy is enhanced when we seek more from the most basic things. From an early age, we understand the simplicity and repetition of putting one foot in front of the other. As you craft your new song, take the time to seek wonder in between the steps. And during this season, may you and yours find ways to repeat the sounding joy.

Scott is home when in Davenport and shares his minutes with Cynthia, Thompson and Linnea. Laddy and  Midnight pass the time there, as well.

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