Farewell to Pastor Megan Eide

News | July 13, 2023

Megan completes her two year pastoral residency at St. Paul on July 16.

To say Megan’s next call is a match made in heaven may sound tongue-in-cheek but she is most sincere when she says it’s a spiritual calling.

Megan has had a connection with the Danish culture for many years now. In college, she did a pastoral internship abroad in Denmark and, in preparation, took language and culture studies classes. During her time in Denmark, she fell in love with the people with a fascination and adoration that’s never left her. When she returned from Denmark, she continued developing her language skills and stayed in touch with friends she made.

“It had always been my dream to go back to Denmark one day. The stars didn’t align for making that happen right at this transitional moment,” Megan said. “But as I was looking for new calls I caught the atypical name of a little church in southwestern Minnesota. It turns out that this church community was looking for a pastor who shares enthusiasm for their Danish background.”

The name that appeared in Megan’s search was that of Danebod Lutheran Church (pronounced DAN-uh-boe) in Tyler, Minnesota, a community of around 1,300 people known for its Danish culture.

Danebod Lutheran Church is much more than just a church. Its campus consists of 11 buildings including an independent senior living facility, a gym hall, and even a folk school. Megan will take on the role of solo pastor in a multi-faceted congregation with many thriving ministries. Her two years at St. Paul helped prepare her for just such a role.

A few of Megan’s favorite QC things
Favorite coffee shop in the QC
ME: Aroma Coffee at Green Thumbers is unbeatable for the overall atmosphere.

Favorite place to walk Nisse
ME: I’ve loved using every park along the Duck Creek Trail. Nisse would agree with that. Sunderbruch Park is also a hidden gem.

QC food you’ll miss the most
ME: Eddie’s Snack Shack. I love their sweet potato roll and a Boba.

Favorite place to go with friends
ME: I’ve really loved getting involved in Quad City Music Guild. It’s been so much fun to see the different St. Paul people that are involved in that – of all ages and talents.

Best young adults memory
ME: I’ve always been impressed with the dedication to service in the young adults group. There was one time we volunteered at Café on Vine and we had too many people. I’ve never known a place to have too many volunteers.

“St. Paul has helped me remember to keep relationships at the center of everything. I’m naturally a task-oriented person and a ministry can turn into a very long to-do list,” Megan said. “What St. Paul has shown me through my staff colleagues and people here is how to keep one another at the center of it all. It’s about being part of other people’s lives and being that spiritual connection that we all so desperately need.”

“I have seen a significant change in Megan during her time here. She’s grown in her confidence as a pastor and person. I think she’s got a very good pastoral head on her shoulders. You see her in the gathering areas on Sundays, connecting with people. She always tries to sit down with us when we’re having coffee. It’s all a sign of her growth.”
– Jim Keller, Appalachia mission trip participant

“Megan has made St. Paul feel like home these past few years. Her joyous spirit has not only brought us joy and peace in our daily lives, but it has shined a light on everything that St. Paul has to offer. Megan has been instrumental in helping us become much more involved and we cannot thank her enough for that. We will miss her joyous spirit here and we know she will continue to bring that with her everywhere she goes!”
– Josh and Maddie Baez, young adult group participants

“Megan has grown so much in the two years she has been at St. Paul. I have watched her grow from a shy individual who was still searching for herself. I feel privileged that I have had the opportunity to watch Megan grow in confidence in her talents and abilities. She is extremely organized and always has a plan. She has grown into the pastor she was meant to be and will continue to be.”
– KarrieAnne Burke, young adult group participant

Resident farewell gift: If you’d like to donate to a gift for Megan, please write a check to St. Paul clearly marked for “Resident Gift.” You’re also invited to send individual cards or notes to the church, or drop a written expression in the basket on the farewell weekend, July 15 & 16.

If you would like to stay in touch with Megan, letters can be mailed to 101 Danebod Ct., Tyler, MN, 56178 or send a note through email at pastormegan@danebodlutheran.org.

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  • Duncan J. Cameron

    July 13, 2023 at 1:54 pm

    Dear Pastor Megan,

    Good luck and continued success to you in your new assignment
    in Tyler, Minnesota.

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