Advent devotion: Favorite tradition

News | December 5, 2016

By Christine Lassers

I am a proud mother of three wonderful children who at this time have a long list of things they want for Christmas. Our tree was up weeks before Thanksgiving – partly to give our youngest son, Teddy, a chance to “warm up” to it as we slowly decorate (and he learns not to pull it over in his curious toddler way). We have made our visit to see Santa.

But my favorite tradition is that we “adopt” another family for Christmas with my extended family. Their gift requests are usually simple, and we are always able to get everything the family has on their list. Afterwards, we often hear stories that offer valuable lessons. One year, the family saved every single piece of ribbon – things I might just throw in the trash. Another year, they didn’t want to take off their winter coats because they had never had new ones – something I take for granted.

This one tradition opens my eyes every year. It reminds me I have more than I need. It directs my focus on the real reason for the season. God gave us the biggest gift ever – God’s son. My wish is the family we help feels surrounded by love and joy – just as God surrounded all of us with love and joy on that Christmas morning when Jesus was born.

Christine Lassers is a stay-at-home mom.  She lives in Davenport, Iowa with her husband and three busy kids.  In her free time she loves crafts and cooking.

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