Meet business office assistant Allison Winter

News | August 4, 2022

Allison began work as St. Paul’s business office assistant in July.

Tell us about your family/where you grew up
I was born and raised in Moline. My parents have passed away and I have a brother Thom and a sister Laura, who both live out of the area. My church growing up was First Congregational in Moline. Upon graduation, I moved to Iowa City and became a Hawkeye while working toward my dental hygiene degree. I found my first dental office job in Cedar Rapids.
During my dental hygiene career, I had many opportunities in addition to private practice. I taught dental hygiene at Kirkwood for 18 years. I have taken part in several dental research projects at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and worked in public health with the I-Smile program. I have also worked and taught pharmacy tech courses and a brief stint in real estate.
I am married to Ken who was on staff here as the visitation chaplain. He is now at Genesis hospice as a chaplain. We are empty nesters. Our kids are Betsy & Matt, Meredith & Aaron with our eight-year-old granddaughter Claire, Grant & Natalie who have one-year-old Henry, and Dan & Frazier. They are all spread over the country from Iowa down to Texas and up to Washington. We have a Maltese named Louie who we adopted during the pandemic.

What draws you to St. Paul?
When we lived in Cedar Rapids, Ken and I were members of First Lutheran Church. We are used to a larger church with great music and lots of areas to serve. When we knew we were going to be in the Quad Cities, we made the decision to join St. Paul. Ken was familiar with the reputation and knew this would be a good fit for us. The music, the open and affirming beliefs, the opportunities, and how welcoming everyone is here have all affirmed our decision to be members.

What are you passionate about?
There are so many things that I enjoy. Probably the most important ones are learning and teaching. Also, anything from crafts to taking golf lessons. Music is important to us – we were in a classic rock band called Holiday Road for 10 years. I have a love for theater, participating in several productions both on and off stage.

What makes you you?
Enthusiasm, positivity, encouragement, and a glass half full attitude. I love to help people make connections. I like a variety of activities and try to always lend a helping hand. I think the title “assistant” describes me perfectly.

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  • Jane Strittmater

    August 12, 2022 at 9:12 am

    Welcome Allison, I know you will enjoy working at St. Paul’s – such a positive atmosphere.

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