Mold us & make us: The Hamborg family

Mission | December 1, 2016

Editors note: This stewardship season, we’re sharing the thoughts of St. Paul members and how this community of faith shapes their lives. Meet Stephen and Kelly Hamborg, and their kids, Abby and Maddie.

We recently joined St. Paul after moving to the Quad Cities and looking for a church home. Our family has moved many times and as a result, we’ve come to gravitate to a church home that has certain characteristics. hamborg_stephen

First,  is a church that is grounded in the inspiring truth of God’s love and the peace that can only come from knowing we are justified by his grace and not by our own actions. Second, the leadership of the church really matters to us. We appreciate humility, studied reflection and the ability to make God’s instruction resonate in a joyous and positive way in our daily lives. Finally, we look for a church that is alive, making a difference not only in its members lives, but also in the community by ministering to others.

Wonderful music, a great youth program and a rich history are icing on the cake for us.  We’re glad to be members of St. Paul.

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