Sounding joy: 65 at 82

News | December 11, 2021

When I think of the birth of Jesus and all the blessings and gifts we enjoy because of his birth it is hard to stop because there are so many seen and unseen.

One of God’s gifts to us includes being silently behind our goodness. It is not our goodness but God’s that lives in us. When we do good, it feels good, and that’s because God wants to do good again and again. We like to take the credit, too – which probably amuses God.

Early this year I spent a month in the hospital, mostly in Iowa City. There is no reasonable explanation why I am alive today. The medical staff worked diligently with me and put me on a ventilator when I went into septic shock and my kidneys shut down. They deserve credit for it, and I praise the excellent medical care I had. But it was more than just medical talent that kept me alive.

My family doctor communicated every day with our children, Ron and Lynne, about my condition and medical treatments and my response to these treatments. This doctor said it was a miracle that I lived. Pastor Marty also calls me a miracle.

Interestingly, my doctor has a sign on the office wall that says something like “Wash your hands and pray because germs and God are everywhere.”

When you have a Christian doctor and his staff’s prayers, your children and family’s prayers plus your friends, Pastor Peter Marty, and the church staff praying for you – I do not know about God being impressed but I was. I think God must have sent some angels on a mission of mercy. I did not deserve all of this, but I am thankful and still trying to figure out what I can do to show my gratitude.

Ron and Lynne came to Iowa City every day, even with the responsibility of their jobs, to bring my wife Nancy and interact with the medical team to bring a combination of good moral support and good medical care.

Now I’m feeling like 65 at 82.

So – I have witnessed the true blessings of God!

Milt Anderson was born and raised in Galva, Ill. He came to the Quad Cities about forty years ago. He has been married to Nancy for 63 years and counting. They were previously members of the Methodist Church and Presbyterian Church before joining St. Paul Lutheran where their children and grandchildren are members. Milt has worked in his own businesses all but 18 months of his adult life.

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