Sounding Joy: Joy in every day

News | November 26, 2021

Joy resounds for me in both my memories of long ago and in the gift of each new day.

1981 was a very good year. I married my wife, Sue, and welcomed the first of our three children.  The following year I started in the Biomed Department of Genesis Medical Center, first as a technician, and later as the department manager. I recently retired after 39 years.

Fast forward 40 years, our children Dan, Amy, and Melissa have blessed us with nine grandchildren! We’re all close, which makes for a full house at the holidays.  Add to that a wealth of relatives that we are also close to.

My prayers include these family relationships.  I’m thankful for the loving quality, and the support I receive while I deal with a difficult health situation.

In November 2019, age 59, I was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Lots of treatment and exams at the University of Iowa, including several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Unfortunately, there is no cure, just treatment to prolong life.

I live one day at a time, and try not to overthink this disease.  I’m thankful for every day that God allows me to live here on earth. I feel that God has blessed me with my family and friends.

I know what awaits me in heaven, but until then, I take joy in every day that God has provided!

Tim Burke lives in Davenport with his wife, Sue. He is enjoying his recent retirement with home improvement projects, maintaining an extensive landscaping, and gardening. In addition, he and Sue make daily exercise a priority, including walks around Vander Veer Park.

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  • Dana Burke

    December 1, 2021 at 8:15 pm

    Craftsmanship-The quality of Design and Work shown made by hand. The smiles in the photo tell of a perfect ‘Work and Design.’ You are amazing Uncle Tim! We should all commit to a family reunion again this summer!

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