Meet Pastor Kristine Dohrmann

News | April 29, 2020

Editor’s note: Pastor Kristine Dohrman began her work as St. Paul’s visitation pastor earlier this year. She connects with St. Paul people who live in a variety of senior centers or who are isolated at home.

Tell us about your family.

My husband, Jon and I have been married for over 30 years. We have three children. Liz and her boyfriend, Spencer live in Denver. Matt and Mary will be married this month and live in Davenport. Our youngest, Nick lives in Ottumwa. We also have a oneyear-old Golden Retriever, Ripley. Jon works for John Deere as internal audit manager. After being gone from the Quad Cities for 15 years, we’re glad to be back close to our extended family. Jon’s parents live in Davenport and my parents live in New Windsor, Illinois. As a family we enjoy attending Iowa State home football games, relaxing in our swimming pool, and vacationing together. We also like playing cards, bowling, hiking, biking, golfing, and visiting craft breweries.

How did you become a pastor?

Being a pastor is a second vocation for me. After working in the business world, I spent two years working at our home church, Grace Lutheran, Davenport, as director of volunteer and small group ministry. One day my pastor said, “I believe you’re being called into ministry.” This was just before our family moved to the Raleigh, North Carolina, area. I originally understood the call to public ministry as a lay professional, an Associate in Ministry (AIM), now Deacon. I atVISITATION PASTOR: Kristine Dohrmann Pastor Kristine began work as St. Paul’s visitation pastor in February tended Campbell University Divinity School (CUDS) in Buies Creek, North Carolina, which was near our home. I received a Master of Arts in Christian Education degree and was approved as an AIM in 2008.

While waiting for a call to serve, I discerned I wasn’t finished preparing for ministry and was being called to ordained ministry as a pastor. That meant more school, so I attended Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, South Carolina, for a year to fulfill my Lutheran requirement. I served as a chaplain intern at WakeMed hospital, Raleigh and returned to CUDS, where I completed my Master of Divinity degree in December 2010. Just as I finished my degree, we moved back to Iowa, this time to the Des Moines area. I completed my pastoral internship at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Ankeny.

I was ordained in 2013 and served as pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Knoxville, Iowa. In 2017, I was pastor at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Davenport. After serving as interim pastor in the Northern Illinois Synod and doing pulpit supply, I was called this past fall to serve as half-time pastor at Zion Lutheran Church, Princeton, Iowa.

What intrigues you about St. Paul? What are you looking forward to?

St. Paul has a wonderful reputation in the Quad Cities for being a vibrant church, helping people grow and serve others as disciples of Jesus Christ. The visitation pastor position shows the commitment and care to all St. Paul disciples, even those who can no longer come and join others in worship as often as they would like. The part-time position at St. Paul fits nicely with my call to Zion and allows me to serve in full-time ministry again. I love to hear people’s stories — the stories of their childhood, families, vocation, and their stories of faith. Who taught you about Jesus? How did your community of faith nurture and support you through the highs and lows of life? What’s your favorite hymn? I also feel called to help people live a life of faith in their daily lives. How did you experience God’s grace today? Who’s our neighbor and how can they be encouraged?

The dean of my divinity school would call our special days of celebration, High and Holy Days. I am humbled and honored to serve the church as an ordained minister of word and sacrament. When I preside over communion, I consider it a High and Holy moment. Whether communion is being celebrated in the sanctuary, at a kitchen table or bedside, it’s a holy moment. In communion we are reminded of God’s promises through the crucified and risen Christ. In this mystery of faith, we are assured of God’s forgiveness and get to taste the goodness of God’s loving grace.

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  • Pastor Flora Ondimu

    August 27, 2022 at 12:50 am


    Pastor Kristine , Greetings to you in the majestic name of our Lord Jesus Christ . I pray that this humble, friendly message finds you walking in the favor of God.

    God, s minister, God has invested enough message of salvation in you to get out of your country to go all over the world to preach the gospel and win more souls to Christ.

    Pastor,God has called you out of many, chosen you ,anointed you and approved you for his great Job.

    Pastor, God has a purpose with you life. He has created you to accomplish the great things for him.

    Pastor, this specific task which God has for you and no body else! whether is to plant new churches, to start a bible school or a soup kitchen of the poor, is God, s vision for you.

    Pastor, God Has called you and He placed you in a specific congregation or ministry, because He has a specific task that you support to fulfill here.

    Pastor , God has a task and a purpose for you. He will be with you and He will accomplish the task through His power. He will equip you and give you the power to do it.

    Pastor, He is faithful. if He calls you to a task that is greater than your own abilities, He will also give you the people to support the good work you are doing for Him.

    Pastor, God has a plan with your life. yes! even before you were born, He planned you in the finest detail, humble yourself before the Lord He will lift you up[James 4;-10]

    Pastor, you are God, s special workmanship. psalm 139,says that God knew you before you were formed in your mother, s womb!

    pastor, your greatest blessings began when God said, He created you in his image in Genesis 1;26, everything you put your hands to, is going to prosper.

    Pastor, you are so precious to the Lord, silver and gold wasn,t enough. God wanted to purchase you with something more valuable than any precious mental or mineral.so He used the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Pastor,Surely, in everything we do, we believe in positive changing and affecting the lives of people who we are constantly working towards inspiring change.

    Pastor, working together is so fruitful growth and maturity in the Lord among us.
    My good friend, we are thanking God that we are connected to an anointing servant ,ministry ,who are committed in spreading the

    GOOD NEWS of spreading a salvation message and win more souls and many to LOVE Jesus Christ .

    Pastor We are pray that one day God will open a way you to bring His message to us-here in Africa.

    Pastor, We are passionate about growing, ministering and reaching out together. our heart is to see us continually transformed through Spiritual growth, to see us engaging in and expanding our areas of ministry and influence through our passions and gifts, to see us moving forward together into areas of community engagement that bring Jesus to a world that needs Him.

    We are happy seeking , hearing, innovating, and exciting are our passions. we love to seek and apprehend what God is doing, being a part of that and the movement of His Kingdom.

    Pray for us and start your work here in-Kenya. we love your sound teachings- you have.

    Be blessed.[Your harvest is on it,s way}

    Thank you,
    Sister in the Lord,
    Pastor Flora Ondimu

  • Bonnie Fox

    April 30, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    Welcome, Pastor Kristine! I know you will be a great visitation pastor at St. Paul. Let me know if I can help.

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