St. Paul visitation chaplain: Teresa Keller

News | May 26, 2022

Teresa Keller joined the St. Paul ministry in March as a part-time visitation chaplain. She has experience in a wide variety of people-centric jobs, most recently working in the Cancer Center at Genesis. 

Tell us about your family/where you grew up/went to college
I was born in Davenport and raised on a farm just north of Durant. I have one younger brother. He and his wife live near Tipton. I’m married to my best friend, Larry. We have a combined family of three daughters and one son. The three girls live nearby and my son is on the East Coast with a move to New Mexico planned soon. We have seven grandchildren ranging in age from four to 22 years old. We have a family farm dating back many years that we still maintain.

What makes you, you?
What makes me who I am are the many different things and jobs I’ve done in my life. First, I’m fortunate to have both of my parents still living and I had all of my grandparents in my life as well. My family is a huge factor in who I am.

I started nursing classes at Scott Community College after my daughters were born, which led to EMT and paramedic training. I retired from the paramedic field after 20 years of service. I hold licensing in Iowa for both personal lines insurance and real estate.

I am a certified lay leader and lay speaker through United Methodist Church, completing my Clinical Pastoral Education through Genesis Medical Center. Most recently, I spent my time working in the Radiation Department at Genesis West in Davenport. With all of my past work experiences, people have always been at the forefront. I enjoy helping people, listening to stories, and caring for others.

What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about spending time with my husband and my grandchildren. I enjoy sewing and quilting as well as reading. Larry and I could fish all day. We go trout fishing and camping in Northeastern Iowa. We spend a lot of our time mowing on the farm during the summer.

What are you looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to being of value to those who cannot always get here to church or as much as they would prefer. I look forward to making a difference to the members and staff I meet and serve.

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