Staycation Bible School: June 15-19

News | May 22, 2020

Instead of Vacation Bible School, St. Paul kids will “sing for joy on their couches” (Psalm 149:5) during Staycation Bible School 2020.

Age 4-grade 5: The people of God at home
Let the faithful exult in glory; let them sing for joy on their couches. — Psalm 149:5

We can’t be together at St. Paul this year for Vacation Bible School — so we’re sending VBS to you! Staycation Bible School will be June 15-19.

Every St. Paul family with kids ages 4 by Sept. 15 through entering grade 5 this fall will receive a packet and materials in the mail with the story of the day, suggestions for activities, and prayers. No need to register. The program this year is free for all. For more information or questions: Kendra Thompson, kendra@stpaulqc.org.

Daily stories will be:
Monday: 1 Samuel 3, Listening for God’s words
Tuesday: Luke 10:38-42, Different ways to welcome God
Wednesday: Jonah 1 & 2, Learning through struggle
Thursday: 1 Kings 17:7-16, You have something to offer
Friday: Luke 24:36-49, Jesus comes to us with hope when we’re afraid

Grades 6-8: 678 Week

St. Paul will offer activities for all middle school kids — entering grades 6-8 — each day during the week, June 15-19. To accommodate small groups online or in person, 678 will occur multiple times during the day with leaders helping us have fun and learn about God. To indicate your interest, please visit stpaulqc.org/signups. Cost is $15 for a shirt and supplies. Watch for more information by email from Andy Langdon, director of youth ministries.

Grades 9-12: Summer Experience

High school students will take part in small group, socially distanced tailgate bonfires and service projects. Watch for more information by email from Andy Langdon, director of youth ministries.

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